Quality Control of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems


Patient safety is paramount in the design, installation, commissioning and operation of medical gas pipeline systems. The QC(MGPS) is the last link in the chain that directly protects the patient from errors that might have critical clinical consequences.
Our QC’s are fully registered in accordance with the requirements of HTM02-01 and have decades of experience in the testing of medical, dental and laboratory gas systems to HTM 02-01, ISO 7396-1, European Pharmacopoiea , and HTM 08-06 requirements.

Validation of Cleanrooms and Clean Air Devices


During its lifetime, a cleanroom or a clean air device must be frequently tested to ensure it continues to comply with the initial design standard. Testing should therefore be undertaken at regular intervals to ensure that it remains fit for purpose throughout its working life. Our cleanroom validation specialists can carry out all routine cleanroom testing to meet the requirements laid down in BS EN ISO 14644, BS EN 12469:2000, EU cGMP (Orange Guide) and HTM-03.
We offer a comprehensive service which includes:

Filter integrity testing (DOP testing)
Measurement of air supply/extract rates
Measurement of air change rates
Measurement of air velocities in isolators & LAF cabinets
Measurement of pressure differentials
Sampling for airborne particles
Sampling for airborne microbial contamination
Surface sampling for microbial contamination

Control of Exposure to Anaesthetic Gases


Epidemiological studies have associated occupational exposure to anaesthetic gases with a range of health effects. The COSHH regulations require that, after an assessment of risk, exposure is prevented or adequately controlled. Exposure of those staff at risk should then be monitored to demonstrate that the control measures are effective.

Our consultants are experienced in the preparation of  risk assessments, testing of control measures, and in monitoring staff for exposure to anaesthetic gases.

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